About Blog

It's a personal notepad about things I found interesting or things I want to remember how to do in few years. All opinions presented here are private and do not represent my employers.

About Me

My technical interests span from electronics and embedded systems (ARMs mostly these days), thru all things Linux to programming (Go, Perl, Rust, in rough order of competence, and few other in rare occasions).

That skills also pay my bills as my day job is System Administrator/Developer, with big focus on automation (via Puppet usually), monitoring, and writing glue subsystems for stuff that needs it

Through the years I've touched or used a lot of stuff from Xen/KVM to Openstack/k8s, from MySQL/PostgreSQL to garden-variety of NoSQL databases and probably know a horror story or two about most of them.

My non-technical interests span from playing music (badly), thru variety of gaming to fantasy/sci-fi books with a splash of anime now and then.

github My github is mostly full of various experiments and unfinished projects so take heed and don't assume any level of production quality there

I have LinkedIn page. I don't use LinkedIn. I'm currently not looking for a job.